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Opus was formed in Corby, Northamptonshire in 1987 initially to manufacture gauge blocks and to offer a UKAS calibration service.

Opus rapidly earned itself an enviable reputation for quality and service and now exports its’ products and services all over the world.

Over the years the range of products and services have evolved,  the most significant development has been the flat lapping service that is supplied. 

A wide range of industries are serviced with jobs ranging from sub-micron tolerances to those which are to the nearest 10 or 20 microns.  Quantities range from a one off to batches of tens of thousands. All work can be verified in an extensively equipped temperature controlled laboratory.

The range of other products and services have also been extended to include ceramic gauge blocks, long series gauge blocks, ceramic tipped long series gauge blocks, engineer’s parallels, angle gauges, monochromatic light units, optical flats and parallels, precision balls (spheres), laser marking, precision grinding and inspection services

For those customers requiring a “complete package”, Opus can supply a wide range of other metrology equipment not manufactured by themselves, please contact the sales office for further details or specific requests.

Opus Metrology is the trading name of Thomas Salvesen Enterprises Ltd



Opus Metrology
Corby NN17 4DR
t: +44(0) 1536 204681
f: +44(0) 1536 205272
e: sales@opus.co.uk
Opus Metrology is the trading name of Thomas Salvesen Enterprises Ltd

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