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Opus Metrology is the trading name of Thomas Salvesen Enterprises Ltd

Flat Lapping

Gates and Valves

Lapping is a cost effective method of machining where components are required to be flat, parallel, need controlling for size or require a fine, or specific surface finish.

Lapping can be applied to a wide range of materials and components and the lapping process is used in a diverse range of industries.

Lapping is ideal for close tolerance work.  Opus can work to a flatness and parallelism tolerance of 0.05 micron and thickness to 0.05 micron (size and material dependant).  We can achieve a variety of surface finishes, reflective or matt down to 0.007 micron Ra.

Matt and bright lapped finishes

PZT, Zirconia and Tungsten Carbide

Most materials can be lapped, Opus has particular experience with all types of steels including stainless, tungsten carbide, various ceramics including PZT material.
All work can be verified in our temperature controlled laboratory which also holds UKAS accreditation for calibration work.

Our flat lapping department is equally at home with a one off component or working with batches of 10,000+
Our extensive range of plant and equipment includes surface grinders, single and double sided lapping machines laser flatness interferometers, ultrasonic cleaning facilities,  Talysurf 10, CNC co-ordinate measuring machine and YAG laser marking machine.

Components used in the printing industry

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