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Opus Metrology is the trading name of Thomas Salvesen Enterprises Ltd

Long Series Gauge Blocks

Set of Opus long series gauge blocks

Long Series Gauge Blocks
Opus long series steel gauge blocks are carefully manufactured to ISO:3650:1998 from specially selected steel. They have a standard gauge block cross-section of 35mm x 9mm and are available in sizes ranging from 125mm to 1000mm.

Each gauge has clamping holes towards both ends for use with Opus toggle clamps so that combination lengths can be achieved both easily and safely.

Gauges can be supplied as individuals or in sets and are available in Grades 2 to K.  The standard ML8 set comprises of 125, 150 175, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500mm gauges.

All gauges can be supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate from our own laboratory if requested. You can view our UKAS schedule here.

Opus Toggle Clamps
Opus toggle clamp

Opus toggle clamps are specially designed for ease of use with long series gauge blocks.  Two pins locate on the gauge block holes, a firm sideways pressure on the clamp will snap the clamp into the closed position bringing the gauging faces together and locking them into position.
The clamp is released by sideways pressure in the opposite direction. The pin and hence the clamping pressure can be adjusted by means of an adjusting screw on the end of the clamp.

Material Characteristics:
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 11 1 x 10-6 per C


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