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Monochromatic Light Unit

Opus monochromatic light unit

The Monochromatic Light Unit can be used for a wide range of applications.

The main application is the checking of flatness of reflective surfaces using an optical flat.

There are 4 apertures that can be selected each of which can be easily closed off if not required which enable the unit to be used for:

  • Flatness testing of reflective parts with the aid of an Opus optical flat, the monochromatic light produces excellent contrast fringes making flatness estimation relatively simple.
  • Profile testing,
  • squareness testing and
  • straightness testing.
  • Specification:
    Wood and composite construction attractively finished in black and natural wood.
    Size: 370mm x 410mm x 410mm approximately
    Light Source: 35W Sodium
    Light Colour: 89% monochromatic yellow
    Wavelength: 0.575 micron

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